Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cloudy Day Gloomy Morning.

Today is a cloudy day. Gloomy morning also.
So I felt like myself in gloomy mood as well. Is today will be rainy?
I do not know ... only He knows.

Looks like it may rain today.
Dim sunlight behind the clouds.
The wind was blowing gently.

Today I felt gud feeling too. 
A sense of tranquility in the soul.
Makes me smile all the way i am.
I hope this feeling will stay with me until tomorrow.
So that I will continue to smile and happy always.
With no unpleasant feeling...that can ruin my day and my mood as well.

I pray to god that I will continue to keep people around me happy.
Especially my loved ones.
My family and my Ethan.
And i want them to know that i love them so much.

I'll make them happy for what they have done to me.
For love and cares that never end.

Thank You so much to everyone that always gave me their support.
For everyone that gave me their shoulder.
For everyone that letting me used their hand.

Thank You.

Miss my Family so much...!!!

**Will take a week off and spend all the time with them..... ^^,

@...Sha Awifa...@

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