Monday, December 27, 2010

Thanks Sayang!!!!

2011 will be a great new year for me!!!!

Got dis From Ma Sayang.....

Thank so much Dear.....Lurve u!!!

Dis coming new year i'll be there.....hehehe


I've never been there now am really excited to be there...Hahahaha and thanks so much to ma sayang coz booked dis ticket for ma new year holiday.....its meaningfull to me dear!!!!

*I lurve u all ma heart sayang!!!u're king of ma heart...=)
  (weks2 =p malu plak ase..hihih)


Sesambil pikir ape aktivity n mende best yang aye bole buat kat sana..any idea??makanan??

@...Sha Awifa...@


rehaljingga said...

happy travelling..sarawak best..

shawf AM said...

yeke?neh bertambah xcited neh..hik3

acuqa said...

seronoknye dea ..
na itot ..

Thanks n lurve all!!!